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Doshas in brief

The five elements of nature:
space... wind... fire... water... earth

These elements are expressed in the human body through three forms of energy called 'doshas'. Vata is wind and space, Pitta is fire and water, Kapha is earth and water.

We each have our own unique balance of these energies, so no two people are exactly alike. Our predominant one is what gives us our primary physical and mental characteristics. This ancient Indian theory is what we today refer to as our DNA.

Each dosha governs different bodily functions, so all three are crucial to our health.  Vata is wind; it is the energy behind all the movements in the body... breathing, moving, nerve impulses, digestion, circulation of blood, nutrients and wastes around and out of the body,

Pitta is fire; it is the energy behind all digestion and transformation that takes place in the body... in the GI tract, the tissues, the organs and at a hormonal and cellular level.

Kapha is earth and water; it is the energy behind our structure, growth and cohesion in the body...

The doshas create health when they are in balance. They make all these functions happen. But they cause imbalance and ill health when they are not. 

Why do I need to know my dosha? 

Each mind-body type thrives on different foods and different lifestyle habits. The cooling foods that calm down fiery Pitta types would not go down well with a cold Vata person. A light, dry Vata person needs nutritious, grounding, moist foods, whereas a heavy Kapha person, who easily puts on weight, would soon feel rubbish on that sort of diet. They need lighter, drier, spicy foods. 

Once you eat and live according to your type, your health rebalances, you have more energy, and your mind has more clarity. You feel more in tune with nature and yourself, meaning less stress, less drama and life flows better.

Contact me if you would like to address understand how to apply this to yourself and deal with your health issues through the right foods, lifestyle and herbal medicines.