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57 Jamestown Road
London NW1 7DB

020 7483 3344

Ayurveda at Triyoga in Camden, London NW1. Consultations, Ayurvedic massage, facial massage. Jacqui Gibbons is an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. 



This massage uses traditional Ayurvedic techniques and works on both the physical and subtle (energetic) body. The flowing, rhythmic movements remove stiffness from the body and encourage correct flow of prana. Localised pressure eases tension and knots from the deeper tissues. Warm organic herbal oil is used.

Relaxing: slow, flowing, relaxing, grounds and balances Vata dosha (wind and space).
Refreshing: moderately paced, relaxing and rejuvenating to cool and calm Pitta (fire). 
Stimulating: shorter movements that shift congestion and Kapha (earth and water).


Strengthen and protect skin against London's pollution and environmental stressors, with this natural, non-abrasive and non-invasive facial massage. Mukkabhyanga boosts facial circulation and lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates skin and muscle tone and eases tension held in the face. 

The traditional massage techniques include Indian acupressure – gentle touch on marma points to unblock stuck energy and revitalise skin's function. Organic herbal oil is used and soothing Sanskrit mantras are played, as Jacqui directs healing energy through her hands – a peaceful relaxing experience.


This gentle Ayurvedic healing unblocks stagnant energy in the subtle (emotional) body. Marma points are junctions where the nadis (energy channels, or meridiens, around the body) cross each other, and where prana that should flow freely gets blocked.

Rather than working on the level of the mind (the very root of stress, tension and negative emotions!), marma healing works on the level of consciousness to facilitate healing. It helps you to have more clarity and feel more emotionally balanced, with positive connections to people, healing you at a deeper, unspoken level.