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Your prakriti | Vata

Vata people are creative, enthusiastic and like to communicate. Their strong wind element makes them light and restless; they like to move a lot, talk a lot, and can easily change and adapt. They are free spirits. 


A Vata person's elemental nature of wind and space means they have a light body frame, feel the cold easily, lose weight easily, and can easily be irregular and changeable in their lifestyle, routine, appetite, moods and energy level.

Their enthusiasm and creativity leads them to have lots of things on the go, but their excess movement can leave them physically and mentally depleted, and prone to particular ailments such as dryness, constipation, and pain and stiffness in the body. Their mind is constantly overactive and anxious (too many thoughts moving around in there!).

Eating specific foods and making certain lifestyle choices can balance our elemental nature and keep body and mind in balance. Contact me for an appointment if you would like to create your vision for a healthy new you and a personalised plan to get you there.

Vata mentality and motivation

Positive tendencies Artistic, enthusiastic, flexible, adaptable, open to change, creative, good imagination, communicative, quick to grasp new information. Has a desire to help others through sharing and communication. 

Negative tendencies Worry, anxiety, fear, erratic, fickle, unorganised, gets nervous, false enthusiasm, moods change quickly, forgets things quickly. Over-exerts and tires quickly, mental and physical energy comes in bursts, finds it hard to rest, relax and be still, mentally and physically. Loves movement and activity.

Motivation Likes change and stimulation.

Vata body type and digestion

Physical Vata types have a long, thin or small face, the skin can be dull, the eyes and lips are small. Vatas are often tall or short. The body is thin in relation to height, with an under-developed physique. Vata people easily lose weight and find it hard to keep weight on.

Appetite Variable, erratic, eats at erratic times, often undecided what to eat, snacks, can feel fearful when hungry.

Stools Dry, small, dark, hard, can be difficult to pass, can come at irregular times. Tends to gas (flatulence) and constipation (often doesn’t have a bowel movement every day). The constipation can be chronic.

Menstruation The cycle can be 24–27 days with a flow that is light and irregular. Flow lasts two to four days and the blood may be dark. There may be fatigue, sharp pains and cramps before the flow starts and during it.